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What Savoye College & School Advising Is All About


          My name is Margie Savoye! My goal is the ideal school match for your student. I provide counseling that elicits interests and preferences and helps us build a pathway towards some critical decision making, such as narrowing the choice of schools and honing an essay theme. I will gladly begin a relationship with high schoolers at the start of their senior year, but it is better to begin the process earlier, ideally as a freshman. That way we can identify interests and strengths and match them with curriculum choices, as well as navigate the testing maze. It is also important to begin, early on, addressing the kinds of qualities, skills, and practices that the best colleges are looking for in students, such as leadership and community involvement.


          My experience ranges broadly, both educationally and geographically. I worked in undergraduate admissions at Berklee College of Music in Boston, I was assistant director of admission at Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, California, and I was director of admissions at two schools in the midwest, The Principia School in St. Louis, Missouri and Louisville Collegiate School in Louisville, Kentucky. The range of students I have worked with is likewise comprehensive: undergrads, graduate students, music students, law students, pre-k, lower school, middle school, high school, day students, boarding students, transfers and internationals.


          My style is hands on. I love working with both parents and students and I am essentially on call 24/7 from the start of the process until final college choices are made. We will meet regularly and I will check in by phone frequently. Relationships are important to me. My approach is not to view students and families as clients, but as friends, and when the acceptance letters come in, and your child has found the right place for their academic and personal growth, I like to share in the sense of achievement and victory as a family friend would.


          Having worked in so many different admissions environments, I know and understand what application readers are looking for, what kinds of essays have an impact, how elite schools with staggering numbers of applicants narrow the field, and how admissions committees make final decisions. I walk families through all of that.

          Families and students I work with come from a range of educational backgrounds: public and private schools, as well as homeschooled. Oftentimes college counselors at public and private schools are simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of students assigned to them and parents go in search of more personal and focused attention on their son or daughter. And, of course, with homeschooling, a college counselor is not a built-in option


          Based in Louisville, and with knowledge of schools in the area, I also offer hourly consultation for parents and students intent on finding the right K-12 environment locally or boarding option nationwide. While most such clients are families relocating to Louisville, others are local residents that have yet to find the ideal match for their child.  

          Let’s talk - and we can begin planning for one of the biggest and most important life-course-setting decisions a young person and parents can make.

- Margie Savoye

Member, Independent Educational Consultants Association
Member, Consortium of Louisville Independent College Consultants

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