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          A comprehensive plan starting with freshman year is available. I am also happy to begin working with your sophomore, junior, or senior. We will meet just about every way possible, most likely employing your preference: in-person, via Google Meet, or by phone, text, or email. The first meeting is complimentary. It will allow us to get acquainted, assess what you and your student envision accomplishing, and outline the parameters of our work together.

          After our first consultation, I will meet with your student as often as necessary. I will always follow up visits with a synopsis of what we’ve covered and outline the next steps, including my obligations and the student’s.

          I live on the phone, and if we don’t have an appointment and I am not immediately reachable, in case of an urgent need I will be back to you in a matter of minutes. 

The following lists, while not exhaustive, describe many of the topics we will cover.

10th Grade


* Analysis of academic interests

* College readiness - analysis of classes and high school schedule

* Resume preparation and updates

* Exploring the College landscape - how to begin

           Financial Aid and Scholarship introduction

* Summer options

           Extra curricular activities

* PSAT - how to prepare and when to take it

           Visiting College campuses - suggestions and preparation

11th and 12th Grade

* Resume development

* High School transcript and review of classes

* Customized lists of colleges

* Early Action/Early Decision options and strategies

           Organization - a road map to keep the process enjoyable

* Testing - SAT, ACT, and AP tests

* Application oversight - including the Common App and supplementary pieces

* Essays - how to get started, writing and editing support

* Recommendations - who to ask, when and tracking them

* Visiting - when, what questions to ask, what to see on campus

* Deadlines

* Choices and follow up

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