The list of school options in every community continues to grow: Boarding, Charter, Independent, Parochial, Public. It can present a dizzying choice for parents and students. My job is to help you navigate the process confidently. I have worked with students at every level from newborn programs through graduate school. With targeted research, a willingness to explore options, and a clear assessment of student needs and expectations, we can find the best match for family and child.


Our first meeting is complimentary. I will ask what you’ve learned about your child’s learning successes as well as your ambition for their cognitive and creative skills growth going forward. From that starting point I will draft a list of potential school homes and together we will work through it to identify the proper fit for you and your child.

I bill on an hourly basis for school advising.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

* Which schools in your area deserve consideration

* Visiting and touring prospective schools

* Testing - preparation, timing, analysis of results

* Mock interviewing

* Student shadows - what to expect

* Narrowing the list and second visits

* Application process - strategies on completing the application,

recommendations, essays, reviewing the application prior to submission

* Entrance testing and preparation

* Payment options, deposits, contracts; enrollment options

* Summer preparation, camps to consider, childcare options


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