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My experience working with international students has been extensive and at all levels: school, college and post-graduate. I’ve served as the Primary Designated School Official for the SEVIS system which provides the J1 or F1 visa a student needs to study in the United States. The two key factors in the process are organization and being diligent about timelines and deadlines. The process can seem daunting and bureaucratic, but working together it can be accomplished!

A comprehensive plan starting with the freshman year is available. But beginning with sophomore, junior or senior year is also common practice.  I also work on an hourly consulting basis. Regardless of the plan I’m available to meet by skype or zoom, and if and when parents and/or students are in the States, we can meet in person

Our first meeting is complimentary. It will allow us to get acquainted, assess what you and your student envision accomplishing, and outline the parameters of our work together.

If we agree to work together I will Skype/Zoom with your student as frequently as necessary.  I will always follow-up visits with a synopsis of what we’ve covered and outline next steps, including my obligations and the student’s.


Below is a list of some of the areas we will consider and work through:

* Analysis of academic interests

* Research on requirements of studying in the United States

* Preparation plans and timing of tests - TOEFL, SAT, ACT, Subject Tests

* Support with resume preparation

* College visits

* Interview coaching

* Essay writing - topic development and editing support

* Developing a timeline/calendar for testing, resume, essay writing, applying

and decisions

* Guidance with applications, including the Common Application,  and supplementary

required materials

* A list of Schools to apply to - “Likely", "Reach" and "Wildcard" options

* I-20 details, securing visas for travel, and navigating the United States Embassy

* Sorting College choices after decisions have been received

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